FROM THE BOOK JACKET: As a child growing up at her family's property by the sea, Martha Mary endured her parents' divorce, survived a tragedy that robbed her and her younger sister of their innocence, and...she saw ghosts. As a young adult, she hopes to distance herself from that painful past and from her secret ability. She escapes to a gorgeous inland college town to study photography. There, she impresses
fellow students with her images of abandoned landscapes, falls into her first passionate love affair, and is only mildly interested in the flyers around town seeking information about a young woman who's disappeared--until one Indian summer afternoon when the missing woman appears beneath Martha's apartment window, wearing a down coat, her hair flecked with ice.

Will Martha's gifts leave her terrifyingly alone, or will they lead her to a vital human connection?

With nods to Shirley Jackson and Daphne du Maurier, Karen Brown's The Clairvoyants spins an eerie and rare old-fashioned story, one that thrums with the longings of imperfect people, living and dead, who want to be seen and loved.

Karen Brown, AuthorAUTHOR INFO: Karen Brown's Little Sinners and Other Stories was a Publishers Weekly Best Book of 2012; her previous collection, "Pins and Needles," received AWP's Grace Paley Prize for Short Fiction, and her first novel, The Longings of Wayward Girls, was published in 2013 by Washington Square Press to rave reviews. Her work has been featured in The Pen/O. Henry Prize Stories, Best American Short Stories, and The New York Times. She teaches creative writing and literature at the University of South Florida.

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